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Museum in Russia introduces audio service

a blind woman in the state museum. The guide shows the blind woman exhibits.
Photo: Dreamstime

The Pushkin Museum has introduced the TifloMuseum podcast for visitors with vision disabilities, according to the museum’s press release.

People with vision disabilities will be able to get information about the exhibitions, the permanent exhibition of the Pushkin Museum, and share this experience with loved ones.

Tiflocommentation is a technique for describing objects and art for people who are blind or have low vision. Recently, tiflokommentirovanie is actively used in theater, cinema, and more often in museums and galleries.

The podcast “TifloMuseum” offers a constantly replenished collection of tiflocommentaries for exhibitions and a permanent exhibition of the Pushkin Museum. At present, tiflocommentaries are available for the masterpieces group of the permanent exhibition.

More information about the project, go to museum’s website.

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