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Resource Bank on AT and Apps

Browse this page to learn more about the latest Assistive Technology and Mobile Apps. If you are a company that is providing an Assistive Technology or Mobile APP and would like us to feature you on our website, visit our Advertisement Policy to know how!

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Disabled student in class room working with his laptop.
Smiling deaf senior couple talking using sign language on the digital tablet's cam

Mobile Apps


TapTapSee is a mobile camera application designed specifically for iOS users who are blind or low vision. The app utilizes the iDevice’s camera and VoiceOver functions to photograph objects and identify them out loud for the user. The app can be download from App Store and Google Play store.

Voice Dream Reader

Voice Dream Reader is an accessible reading tool for mobile and tablet devices. With advanced text-to-speech and a highly configurable screen layout, it can be tailored to suit every reading style from completely auditory to completely visual, plus synchronized combination of both. The app can be download from App Store and Google Play store.

Parking Mobility

The Parking Mobility application empowers private citizens to report a violation with 3 quick and simple photos. The report is immediately sent to the city, and the city tickets the vehicle using the violation report. The app can be download from App Store and Google Play store.

Show Me for Emergencies

Show Me for Emergencies is an essential free app for emergency workers and people with communication needs – like difficulty understanding English, hearing impairments, and cognitive disabilities. It uses easy-to-understand icons for two-way communication during an emergency. The app can be download from App Store.

Speech Blubs: Language Therapy App Icon
Speech Blubs: Language Therapy

Speech Blubs is a voice-controlled speech therapy app designed to help your child learn new sounds and words, and to practice speaking in a stimulating, educational environment.The app can be download from App Store for free.

Assistive Express

Assistive Apps presents Assistive Express, an affordable Augmentative Alternative Communication (AAC) Device, catered to people with difficulty in speech. The app can be download from App Store.