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About Us

Disability Insider in an initiative launched by Techbility to provide users with information on the latest statistics, research and global news catalogued country wise on disability, accessibility and universal design with a special focus on accessible travel and technology.Our information is not just limited to country data but we also aim to provide you with the latest news in the world of disability and accessibility.

Disability Insider also features a dedicated section to the COVID19 pandemic and disability, launched as a response to the need of providing accessible information and resources regarding this issue to the disability community worldwide.

You can browse through the different website sections to get the latest information on disability, whether related to COVID19, general news, or specific information about a country that you may be traveling to, you are doing a project on or are simply interested in learning more about.

Techbility is made up of a highly-specialized, multi-disciplinary team located in different cities around the world. Our professionals are specialized in the development of accessible websites, mobile applications and internet consultancy services: designing and developing web sites and WCAG compliance testers, all with the criteria of usability and accessibility in mind. The team also consists of researchers and trainers knowledgeable about disability inclusive disaster risk reduction (DiDRR) and emergency and disaster preparedness.

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We invite our users to submit their professional or personal stories to our site. Visit our section on ‘Submit your story’ to see examples of the featured stories and decide for yourself if you want to share your experience with the world.