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New disability parking permit scheme goes live

Parking spot for disabled people

A new accessible parking permit scheme is being rolled out across Victoria with the City of Whittlesea moving to online applications from March 22 2021.

The new scheme and online system will make the application and assessment process fairer, more simple and consistent across Victoria.

Anyone wanting a accessible parking permit can now apply online.

General practitioners and occupational therapists will be responsible for assessing applicants while local councils will continue to send permits out to applicants.

All existing permits will remain valid until their expiry date.

Highlights of the new system include:

  • The double-time (green permit) will remain, allowing people with limited mobility additional time to park for double the time in a regular parking space.
  • The blue permit will be renamed the Australian Disability Parking Permit, to align with the Australian Disability Parking Scheme.
  • The blue permit will allow people who’ve been assessed as needing additional space (such as wheelchair users), to park in a disability parking bay.
  • The two-tiered scheme ensures fairness so people most in need of a disability parking bays can access one.
  • Some permits will be valid for longer, meaning permit holders don’t need to reapply as often.
  • Permit holders assessed as having a condition or disability that permanently affects their mobility will no longer have to visit a medical practitioner to renew their permit.

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