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Disabled young man with foot prosthesis sitting and hold mobile phone outdoor

Wheelchairs are devices that can be manually propelled or electrically propelled and that include a seating system and allow people to perform mobility related activities of daily living, which include feeding, toileting, dressing grooming and bathing.



Invacare offers manual wheelchairs and power wheelchairs. The company also produces sports and recreational wheelchairs. For more information, visit


Permobil offers power wheelchairs, seating and positioning products, power assist, and manual wheelchairs. For more information, visit


Ottobock is a German company situated in Duderstadt. It has been responsible for several innovations in prosthetics. The Company provides prosthetic and wheelchairs for people with disabilities.

Whirlwind Wheelchair

Durable, low-cost, all-purpose wheelchair (muddy village paths to rough pot-holed urban streets), designed to handle rugged terrain with ease and produced in close collaboration with wheelchair riders in the communities. These chairs give riders the reliable and functional mobility they need to reach their full potential. For more information, visit