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Speech Generating Device

Talking aid device

A speech generating device is “a portable that contains one or more panels or switches that when depressed will activate pre-recorded digitized or synthesized speech output.” These may be a standalone device, usually very small and light, or it can be software that is installed in a tablet or phone. People with a physical disability may not be able to speak on their own and can use a speech generating device to communicate with the people around them.




Jabbla develops technology that assists people with communication challenges. Its products include Mind Express 4, Allora 2, Mobi2, Tellus 5 and Zingui 2. For more information, visit


Liberator provides products and services for individuals who use AAC, their families and support staff. Products include the Rugged 7 and Accent VOCAs.

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Smartbox Assistive Technology

Smartbox Assistive Technology produces a range of specialist communication devices and software, including Grid 3 (and additional Grid sets), Grid for iPad, various Grid Pads and the Power Pad.

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Tobii Dynavox

Tobii Dynavox is a company that produces the multi-access Indi tablets and a range of specialist communication software including Snap + Core First and Boardmaker.

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