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Johannes Ludwig
By Johannes Ludwig September 06, 2022

The right to participate in society

On the fringes of Ghanian society, a boy with disabilities struggles daily to survive. But Maclean Atsu Dzidzienyo perseveres. And eventually, sport changed his...

A volunteers help disabled man with his wheelchair walk through flood
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By Dylan Reid September 01, 2022

Four practical tips for people with disabilities when dealing with a flood

While not something we give much thought to in our day-to-day lives, flooding has the potential to wreak havoc if you’re not prepared. In England alone, as many as...

Two Scientists Wearing Face Masks use Microscope, Analyse Sample in Petri Dish, Discuss Innovative Technology
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By Sierra Powell September 01, 2022

Innovations in the medical industry to better understand diseases

Medical science has come a long way in the past few decades. In particular, our understanding of diseases has improved dramatically. This is partly due to innovations...

Businesswoman in wheelchair having business meeting with team at office
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By Dylan Reid August 17, 2022

How can an inclusive workplace culture benefit businesses?

An inclusive workplace is one that champions equality and hires people regardless of their social, economic or cultural background, and focuses solely on skills...

hearing aid in the ear of a woman
Anahita Monga
By Anahita Monga July 28, 2022

I finally got hearing aids at age 26, after a lifetime of feeling stigmatized

My kindergarten teacher was the one who informed my parents that I may need hearing aids. When my parents got my ears tested, the hearing specialist confirmed that I...

Mother looking at sleeping baby in bedroom
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By Rob Woods July 27, 2022

Preparing for the parenting life when you have a disability

Welcoming a baby into the world means you’re embarking on the most rewarding journey possible. With that said, it will also be one of your most challenging...

woman packing a luggage for a new journey
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By Rob Woods June 08, 2022

4 fun cities to visit on your self-care reset trip

At Disability Insider, we know that living with a disability is far from easy. When life starts to feel a little too overwhelming, packing up and embarking on a...

doctor holding Fragile X syndrome card
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By Tamara Bhandari June 08, 2022

Study links Protein to intellectual disability has complex role

Fragile X syndrome, the leading inherited cause of intellectual disability, is due to a genetic mutation that largely eliminates the fragile X protein, a critical...

My brain has too many tabs open notebook alongside a pumpkin, cupcakes and a mug.
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By Khadija June 08, 2022

How to manage an ADHD diagnosis

What I learned to do, and not to do, while getting to know my neurodivergent brain. How I was diagnosed I started off the Fall 2020 semester with my...

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