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Suzanne Dang
Suzanne Dang
By Suzanne Dang November 03, 2020

My experience navigating through the mental health hospital system

I clearly remember my very first psychiatric hospital admission. I was put on ITO (Involuntary Treatment Order) at the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane. I...

Suzanne Dang
Suzanne Dang
By Suzanne Dang October 14, 2020

What has my mental illness taught me about life?

Not all medications that are trialled will work the very first time of trying. There are many trials and errors. The right combination of medications will come with...

children with vision disabilities using the braille device
Avinash Kothari
By Avinash Kothari October 01, 2020

Innovation in Braille self-learning could empower blind people in India

India’s Braille literacy rates are at an abysmal low of less than one percent. The shortage of trained educators is one of the greatest impediments in the spread...

Caroline (left) with her electronic Wheelchair
By Caroline Bathurst September 11, 2020

A faulty wheelchair and 13-month battle for fixing accountability for £4000 loss

How a faulty battery and thirteen-month long legal battle highlighted the need for protecting the interests of people with disabilities while hiring wheelchairs or...

Tylia Flores smiling
Tylia Flores
By Tylia Flores August 21, 2020

What I’ve learned about my disability during COVID-19

The Coronavirus pandemic has been very difficult for me, like most people with disabilities, as I struggled to figure out how to navigate the disruption in...

student in wheelchair in front of stairs
Steve Wright
By Steve Wright August 18, 2020

The ADA is turns 30, but the built environment is still far from inclusive

When the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) turns 30 last month, everyone whose work impacts the built environment — architects, engineers, urban designers,...

Man crossing road in wheelchair
Colin Hughes
By Colin Hughes August 17, 2020

Electric wheelchair market needs disruption and ‘tech giants’

Stop waiting for the next Permobil or Sunrise Medical Quickie. What the electric-powered wheelchair market needs is a tech giant, writes Colin Hughes. I have...

Man in wheelchair with guide dog
Steve Wright
By Steve Wright August 13, 2020

The Americans with Disabilities Act at 30: it’s a major news story

The Americans with Disabilities Act turns 30 this year. For people with disabilities, the ADA is their federal civil rights protection - equal to the Civil Rights Act...

Lisa Schur and Douglas Kruse in wheelchair
By Lisa Intrabartola July 27, 2020

Rutgers couple shares personal connection to disability research as the ADA turns 30

On July 26, 1990, when President George H.W. Bush’s signature was drying on the Americans with Disabilities Act, a young Rutgers economics professor named...