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Is it hard to get disability in Texas? How to qualify?

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Every day, millions of people are born who are disabled by their birth. But what are the benefits you will get once you’re disabled in texas?

Some people are disabled by birth, while some disabilities begin at a young age because of an accident, injuries, or simply growing older. Disabilities in some people affect one or more major life activities, such as seeing, hearing, thinking or memory, walking or moving, taking care of personal needs (bathing, feeding, dressing), or living independently.

The American Community Survey estimates about 13% of the population had a disability in 2014. But now, the government has come up with many disability benefits. There are many procedures to apply for social security disability benefits, and Social Security Disability Insurance is one of the best as it assists people with disabilities.

Applying for Disability Benefits Can Be a Tricky Process

A person must obey certain rules and requirements of the Social Security Administration or SSA to get the benefits for social security disability. According to the Bailey and Galyen Attorneys at Law, applications for disability benefits have had their initial step denied for various reasons. The reasons include

  • Technical problems with an application
  • Disqualification based on medical information

The evidence of a person’s permanent disability is the first requirement to be produced to claim the benefit. The person has to show that they have been disabled for a long duration. By qualifying for this, they are eligible to get the benefits.

The medical record is another important thing that needs to be produced. When the person applies to get social security disability benefits, they have to submit his medical records ready and updated. Then only SSA will verify the medical documents, whether it is legitimate or not, and whether he will receive the benefits.

Finally, you should apply to the office of Social Security.

How Will You Qualify for SSDI?
To qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits, you must:

  • You must work enough years to qualify for Social Security.
  • Your medical condition should meet the definition of Social Security disability.
  • Your medical condition is the primary point for qualifying for SSDI, and certain conditions are deemed as serious as to qualify one for SSDI automatically.
  • You must show your social security card, work history, proof of income, tax records, and payroll contributions to SSDI.
  • You must provide comprehensive medical evidence substantiating that your impairment is serious enough to prevent you from maintaining gainful employment.
  • You must submit all your medical evidence, like doctor’s visits, medications, tests, therapies, and hospitalizations.
  • You may be required to visit a third-party physician. The more medical evidence you can provide to prove your claim can make your case strong to qualify for SSDI. Check the application carefully before submitting it.
  • Your claim is reviewed by the State Disability Determination Services (SSDS) in your area.

There are many varied types of disability benefits being offered by the government to improve this group of people. The present schemes are good, but obtaining them is very complicated. Thus most of the processes hang in the middle, and the processes sometimes stop due to complicacy.

So it is very important to check for the whole process before you apply for social security disability benefits. The whole process can find on the concerned government websites. So it is necessary to check for that before applying for the schemes.

Due to the complicacy and the lengthy process, it is very much required that the concerned person should take the help of a social security disability attorney before you apply for social security disability benefits. They are the best person to help these people properly and are versed in all the schemes’ formalities and procedures.

The attorney not only takes care that the process is completed successfully and timely but also takes care that they get the most of the disability benefits under the schemes.

Thus, it becomes easier and uncomplicated for these people to get what they deserve. Disability benefits ensure they live happily and lively throughout life, and attorneys will assist you in all the procedures.

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