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New Zealand improves disability parking rules

Low angle view of blue handicapped parking sign against blue cloudy sky at day time

Disability parking permits are changing, with Wellington Shire Council set to shift to the new Accessible Parking Permit (APP) scheme on Monday 11 January.

The APP scheme offers significant improvements in the administration and enforcement of disability parking across Wellington, which means more parking bays for the people who need them. And because the APP permit holders will have a design that better aligns with the national scheme, permit holders can park in a designated accessible parking space interstate, too.

“Because the Accessible Parking Permit scheme is more secure, it will reduce misuse,” said Mayor Garry Stephens.

Improvements include:

  • Consistent eligibility criteria across the state.
  • Allowing occupational therapists to do assessments (in addition to GPs).
  • A permanent disability classification that requires no further reviews.
  • Increasing the permitted length from three years to five years for individuals.
  • Providing temporary permits for six, 12 or 24 months.

System-wide crosschecks and visibility across council boundaries will lead to a reduction in duplicate and misused permits.

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