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‘Accessible Dilijan’ inclusive tourism project launched for deaf travelers in Armenia

Ancient Haghartsin monastery located near the town of Dilijan in the Tavush Province of Armenia

The Destination Management Organization GoToDili, in collaboration with the Tourism Committee of the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Armenia and with the support of AR-trails, has unveiled a project named “Accessible Dilijan,” for people with hearing disabilities.

“Accessible Dilijan” is an AR–tours around the city recorded by sign language interpreters in Armenian, Russian and English. This is the first project in Armenia that helps people with hearing disabilities to complete an excursion or a small hiking route without assistance.

To embark on these immersive journeys, users can simply download the AR-Trails app, which offers three distinct experiences: a comprehensive city tour, a scenic trek through the National Park, and a virtual tour of the tourist information center. Upon selecting a destination, the app generates a route, accompanied by sign language interpreters elucidating key points of interest along the way.

From uncovering Dilijan’s rich history and iconic landmarks during the city tour to discovering a secluded waterfall amidst the National Park’s lush scenery, each virtual excursion promises an informative experience. In total, the AR-Trails app covers 15 notable locations within Dilijan.

Sisian Poghosyan, Head of Armenia’s Tourism Committee, emphasized the significance of inclusive tourism, asserting that every visitor to Armenia deserves equal opportunities to explore the country’s wonders.

Ani Avanesova, head of DMO GoToDili, underscored the pivotal role of inclusive tourism in enhancing accessibility, socialization, and the overall appeal of Armenia as a tourist destination. As pioneers in this realm, the GoToDili team is proud to spearhead initiatives that foster inclusivity and enrich the tourism landscape of Armenia.

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