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Moscow to make financial services accessible for people with disabilities

woman in wheelchair using ATM

Russian President Vladimir Putin gave a number of instructions following a meeting with persons with disabilities and public organizations representatives on December 3, 2020.

One of these mandates is to improve the accessibility and safety of financial services for people with disabilities, reports Kremlin press service.

Putin instructed the Russian government, together with the Bank of Russia and the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, to consider issues

  • establishment of additional regulatory requirements for financial institutions in terms of preventing financial losses of persons with disabilities, pensioners, and other socially unprotected categories of citizens as a result of fraudulent actions of third parties;
  • possibility of the appointment by persons with disabilities, pensioners, and persons from among other socially unprotected categories of citizens of their representatives to confirm the performance of financial transactions through remote access to banking services or refuse to perform such transactions if they are suspicious;
  • possibility of using biometric personal data of persons with disabilities who cannot sign documents with their own hands for health reasons to confirm their expression of will when performing financial transactions.

A report will be prepared on the accessibility and safety of financial services for people with disabilities by July 1, 2021.

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