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Peru produces educational material for students with disabilities

Blind person reading text in braille

Peru’s Ministry of Education (Minedu), through the Directorate of Special Basic Education (DEBE), developed more than 1,100 accessible audiobooks and nearly 500 educational materials in Braille for girls, boys, adolescents, and young people with vision disabilities and deafblind in public educational institutions.

The beneficiaries will be 438 students with vision disabilities and deafblindness from public educational institutions of Special Basic Education and Regular Basic Education. The delivery of these educational materials is scheduled for 2021.

Likewise, more than 1,100 audiobooks were made during 2020, which were used in virtual educational sessions for schoolchildren with vision disabilities from all country regions.

The material in Braille, 438 texts will be destined to students with blind and deafblindness of the initial and primary level; the rest will go to the legal deposit in the National Library of Peru (BNP) and the same for the library of the National Resource Center of Special Basic Education (CENAREBE).

It is also scheduled to develop virtual training aimed at professionals and families of students with vision disabilities and deafblindness on the use of these elements.

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