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Woman with hearing disability made history in Miss Universe Colombia

Jenifer Pulgarín Candelo
Photo: Jenifer Pulgarín Candelo/Instagram

Jenifer Pulgarín Candelo, arrived in Barranquilla, Colombia, with the aspiration of being chosen as the representative of Colombia to the Miss Universe beauty pageant.

Candelo, model and student of environmental administration, born 25 years ago, she is the youngest of three siblings, and from a young age, she expressed to her family the desire to participate in the beauty contest and show that people with hearing disabilities can also overcome obstacles and achieve their goals.

She represents the department of Norte de Santander, which borders Venezuela, won the Miss Deaf Colombia contest in 2017 and as a model represented the country in the “International Fashion Show for the Deaf” held in Italy.

“It is crucial to raise awareness around the world about the importance of inclusion in our societies, where people with disabilities are ignored and relegated to the background” she said.

“It is important that governments promote greater inclusion of deaf people, and also that there is more sensitization of hearing people because many times they do not know how to treat people with hearing disabilities and end up relegating and ignoring them,”.

“I did five semesters of systems engineering, and now I am studying environmental administration because I think it is a career that is more in line with my personality and my interests. I love research, and I have been able to achieve a good understanding with the teachers,”

With education as a pillar of inclusion processes, Jenifer believes that from the time a child with some type of disability is born, adjustments must be made for their real inclusion in society.

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