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Program for promoting the labor insertion of young people with disabilities

man in wheelchair working

With the purpose of promoting equal opportunities, inclusion in the work environment of the Goyano Municipality, the program for promoting labor inclusion of persons with disabilities was launched.

The initiative aims at the job placement of young people with disabilities. The plan of the Ministry of Labor is articulated through the Employment Office of the Municipality of Goya and the coordination of Disability, in charge of Liza Kammerichs.

To date there are 72 people with disabilities who are part of a training in workplaces within the municipality.

The program begins with a training that lasts for a month and from then on they carry out job training in different areas of the Municipality until completing the eight months, during which they receive an economic benefit for participating.

The Secretary for Social Development, Mariano Hormaechea; the secretary of Modernization, Innovation, Technological Development and Education, Diego Goral; the director of Employment, Damián Pini; the disability coordinator, Liza Kammerichs; the director of Education, Laura Segovia; the trainer Julia Casco; the teacher Paola Altamirano, interpreting in sign language, in addition to the participants and their families.

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