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Lithuanian Airports join project dedicated to people with hidden disabilities

airport staff holding sunflower lanyard

The Lithuanian airports operator further pursues the goal to ensure a smooth travelling experience for passengers with disabilities, therefore they commence the cooperation with international social project the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower.

The purpose of this project is to assist people with hidden disabilities, to identify their needs better and to aid the employees of the airports in recognizing passengers who have disabilities that are not to be noticed instantly, as well as providing the necessary assistance on time.

The project the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower was launched at Gatwick Airport in the United Kingdom in 2016. At that time the objective of the personnel was to learn recognizing the passengers, who have disabilities that are not evident.

A hidden disability has no physical characteristics and may encompass difficulties in learning, speech, vision or hearing disabilities, also functional restrictions or other chronic diseases, which have significant influence upon the everyday life.

According to the data provided by the researchers, 74 percent of people who have such disabilities do not use any aids, for example, wheelchairs or etc., which would enable the people to perceive their actual health condition. Therefore, a subtle, but visible international symbol of a sunflower was created for this purpose, it helps to identify that a person wearing this flower may be in need for additional assistance.

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