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Education and Employment

Community in Spain to promote job placement of persons with disabilities

man in wheelchair working in the office

Castilla y Leon’s Ministry of Employment and Industry called for 340,000 euros in aid, aimed at companies and non-profit entities in the Community, for promoting the labor inclusion of people with disabilities.

The order published by the Official Bulletin of Castilla y León determines the amount of the subsidy based on the initiative that can be financed.

It establishes that it will be up to 3,907 euros for each indefinite full-time contract or for those converted into this modality of a temporary arrangement and up to 901 euros for workspace adaptations.

The recipients of these aids are workers with disabilities, which includes people with cerebral palsy, mental illness, or intellectual disability with a recognized degree of disability equal to or greater than 33%, or 65% in the case of citizens with physical or sensory disabilities.

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