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Accessible Communications

Easy to Read

Easy-to-read information about coronavirus Inclusion Europe


Guidance for children with disabilities during the pandemic (Word Document)

Guide on risk communication for children and adult with disabilities. (Word Document)

Plain language tips for support staff – Written by people with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities

Public health flyers in 30+ languages

Easy Read information on COIVD-19

Plain Language guide on COVID-19

People with hearing disabilities

ASL Covid-19 ASL Hotline

Communicating with medical staff during COVID-19 – A guide for Deaf/HOH community

Comcast announces comprehensive COVID-19 response for users

COVID-19 information in different languages

COVID-19 information – ASL

COVID-19 ASL videos from the Illinois Deaf and Hard of Hearing Commission

Medical/surgical masks to support lip-reading

ASL videos on Covid-19 from the CDC

People who are DeafBlind

Social Media – Creating Accessible Social Media Posts for those who are DeafBlind​ 

Facebook Group – DeafBlind Community COVID-19 Information

Resources for Caregivers and Providers

Emergency Picture Communication Aid

Emergency Picture Communication Aid (Spanish)

Plain Language Prevention Recommendations

Plain Language Prevention Recommendations (Spanish)

Plain Language Information By and For People with Disabilities

Plain Language Information By and For People with Disabilities (Spanish)

Supporting Individuals with Autism During Uncertain Times

Erb’s palsy support resource


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Jul 15, 2024
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Jul 15, 2024
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Jul 15, 2024

Global Figures: 0 total confirmed cases, 0 total confirmed deaths. Source: Johns Hopkins CSSE.