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Disability Sports Australia introduces new strategy

Agnes Wessalowski of Germany competes in long jumping at the Special Olympics World Games
Photo: Dreamstime

Disability Sports Australia (DSA) unveils the debut of its latest strategic plan. This visionary roadmap strives to forge connections within Australia’s disability sports and active recreation sphere, guaranteeing equitable access to opportunities, resources, and support for individuals of all abilities.

The strategic plan outlines DSA’s vision to create a more inclusive, diverse, and supportive sporting environment for Australians with disability.

This milestone document underscores DSA’s commitment to fostering a society that promotes the physical, mental, and social benefits of sport for people with disability.

Dr. Phil Hamdorf, Chair of DSA, expressed his excitement about the organisation’s new strategy.

“Our strategic plan is a significant step forward for Disability Sports Australia and the broader disability sports community in Australia. By implementing this roadmap, we aim to support and empower Australians with disability. We believe this plan outlines how sports can serve as a catalyst for positive societal change.”

DSA General Manager – Ayden Shaw echoed Dr. Hamdorf’s sentiments, stating, “with this strategic plan, Disability Sports Australia aims to create a future where all Australians with disability are given the opportunity to be active. We will work to provide greater opportunities by supporting the development of adaptive programs and advocate for positive changes in policies and perceptions surrounding disability sports.”

The key pillars of the new strategy include:

  • Advocacy: The organisation will continue to raise awareness about disability sports and advocate for increased accessibility and support in all sporting environments.
  • People, Culture & Systems: The plan prioritises best practice and a positive environment where employees and internal stakeholders are empowered and valued.
  • Programs and Delivery: DSA will focus on creating and developing evidence-based and inclusive pathways for individuals with disability to participate, engage, and remain involved in sports and active recreation.
  • Partnerships and Stakeholder Engagement: DSA seeks to establish and strengthen partnerships with key stakeholders, including government agencies, sports organisations, and corporate entities, to drive positive change and secure the resources needed to support people with disability to be active.
  • Financial Stability: DSA aims to diversify its revenue streams, reduce reliance on government funding and secure funding and resources for major projects.

The strategic plan shines a path towards an Australia where all people with disability can be active. Working together with the sector including disability sports and active recreation groups, DSA aims to enable more Australians with disability to be more active more often.

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