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Urgent need to improve infrastructure to integrate Mexicans with disabilities: Higinio Martínez

A young African American woman in a wheelchair looking up a flight of stairs

Senator Higinio Martínez Miranda reported that in the State of Mexico, there are 2.7 million residents who have some type of disability, most of them over 60 years of age. The State Government must establish better strategies for social  integration of persons with disabilities.

“A factor that hinders the integration of people with disabilities is that there is no infrastructure or the minimum necessary equipment in public spaces for accessibility, which makes it a more difficult task for people with disabilities to move, which results in marginalization and social imbalance.” said Miranda.

He recalled that the 2020 Population Census presented that 46.8% of this population segment has a vision disability, 43.9% have a physical disability, and 22.1% have a hearing disability.

Ecatepec de Morelos is the second municipality in the country with the largest population of persons with disabilities, totaling 310,434 people, while the first is Iztapalapa, with 349,536 persons with disabilities.

Higinio Martínez said, in Ecatepec, advanced age and illness are the leading causes of hearing, visual and physical disabilities, although, in the latter, 15% are due to accidents.

The INEGI census reports that there are 20.8 million people in the entire country, representing 16.5% of the population in Mexico. Of this total, 6.1 million (4.9%) were identified as people with disabilities. More than 13.9 million (11.1%) said they had some limitations in daily living activities such as walking, seeing, hearing, self-care speaking, communicating, remembering, or concentrating; the rest (0.6%) comprises people with some mental disability.

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