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New all-terrain wheelchair for Rottnest Island

Beach wheelchair for swimmers with disabilities

New all-terrain wheelchair will enable access to beaches and areas outside the main settlement for people with disabilities. 

Rottnest Foundation one of 12 organisations receiving funding to purchase all-terrain wheelchairs through McGowan Government election commitment.

New all-terrain wheelchair will be available for pre-bookings through Pedal and Flipper Hire. People with disability will be able to enjoy more of Western Australia’s iconic Rottnest Island thanks to a new all-terrain wheelchair.

The all-terrain wheelchair was purchased by the Rottnest Foundation with funds made available through a McGowan Government election commitment.

The $8,500 grant funded the purchase of an all-terrain wheelchair and walker which will be available for loan free of charge and able to be pre-booked through Pedal and Flipper Hire on the island.

The all-terrain wheelchair and walker will be used initially at Thomson Bay at the main settlement area with plans to provide the equipment for use at other beaches in the future.

The Rottnest Foundation is one of 12 organisations across the state receiving grant funding through a McGowan Government election commitment, totalling $100,000, to purchase all-terrain wheelchairs for public use at locations including beaches, national parks and wilderness trails.

All-terrain wheelchairs are purpose-built wheelchairs designed for outdoor environments including sand, gravel and water.

They assist people with mobility impairments to access areas in which a traditional wheelchair cannot operate.

Comments attributed to Disability Services Minister Don Punch:

“Rottnest Island has for decades been one of WA’s favourite leisure destinations, for both day trips and overnight stays.

“Having an all-terrain wheelchair and walker available will enable people with disability to access the island’s beaches and eventually areas outside the main settlement.

“People with disability will be able enjoy what the island has to offer and provide more opportunities to participate in recreation activities – as well making Rottnest even more attractive to the lucrative accessible tourism market.

“The all-terrain wheelchair grants program has proven to be very popular, with local governments, surf lifesaving clubs and community organisations being funded to make all-terrain wheelchairs available at National Parks and beaches across WA.

“All-terrain wheelchairs make places more accessible, inclusive and welcoming for people with disability which in turn helps build an inclusive community.”

Comments attributed to Tourism Minister Roger Cook:

“Rottnest Island is a jewel in our tourism crown.

“The egalitarian nature of the island is one of its great charms.

“This is excellent progress to offer an all-terrain wheelchair to even further widen the accessibility for even more people to enjoy the island’s stunning beaches.”

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