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People with disabilities in Leganés might receive help adapting their homes

woman in wheelchair entering the building

Political party Ciudadanos (C’s) Leganés wants to help with the cost of adapting homes for people with disabilities.

Most homes have numerous barriers for people with sensory and mobility disabilities.  Altering the height of kitchen counters, adding home automation systems, railings in the bedroom and bathroom, and installing non-slip floors can make an enormous difference for the ease of everyday life.

Technology has enabled great strives in improving the lives of people with disabilities.  For example, home automation systems have various applications to help people with vision and auditory disabilities.  However, innovation such as this are often financially unattainable for most people who need it the most.

The C’s plan to propose for the creation of a subsidization program to assist people with disabilities modify their homes in the next legislative session. “It is not possible that in the XXI century, there will continue to be a varied and profuse set of impediments that deprive people with disabilities of the full exercise of their rights,” said Enrique Morago, spokesman for C’s Leganés.

Financial aid for home modification has been provided to residents in Madrid for quite awhile now.  In the capital, up to € 14,000 per house is subsidized depending on the adaptations needed for each person.

The party is expected to approve the motion in next year’s budget.  Until that time, research will be conducted to determine what amount will be needed based on the needs of people with disabilities in Leganés.

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