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Moscow to improve accessibility for wheelchair users

Lift for wheelchair users at the entrance of an apartment building
Photo: Dreamstime

More than 260 lifting platforms will be installed for wheelchair users in Moscow houses’ entrances, reports Moscow City News Agency.

“Equipping entrances with lifting platforms is a significant part of the program to create a barrier-free environment in the city. For people with mobility disabilities, the ability to leave the house on their own is of great importance: to go outside the apartment, walking in the fresh air, meeting people” said Petr Biryukov, Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Housing and Communal Services and Improvement.

“At present, in 11 districts of the capital, work has begun to install 89 platforms, including 56 inclined and 33 vertical. After completing the preparatory measures, the installation of lifts for people with mobility disabilities will begin in another 87 entrances.” he added.

“Now new buildings are immediately equipped with lifting platforms, but in old buildings, such devices are not provided and are installed on request. If technical conditions permit, priority is given to vertical lifting platforms, which are more convenient to use.” Biryukov added.

In 2011-2020, more than 1.4 thousand lifting platforms for wheelchair users were installed in Moscow.

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