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5 year old Georgia boy with autism writes children’s book: ‘I’m a Superhero’

TahChon Mills

Homeschooling during the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in 5 year old TahChon Mills becoming an author, penning a children’s book titled ‘I’m a Superhero’.

His mother, Chon Mills said, “He would always repeat, ‘Superheroes brush their teeth, superheroes make their beds,’ and I was like, ‘OK, maybe that’s his first child’s book’.”

Mills said her son is on the autism spectrum with both a speech and developmental delay and that the book is about TahChon’s achievements.

“This book is about things he can do now that he couldn’t do, so he’s very proud of the things he’s able to do. On some pages, he speaks about eating his vegetables, talks about being able to take baths, buckle his seatbelt,” Mills said.

The mother wants TahChon and other children with disabilities to feel that they are on the same level as others their age.

When asked why parents should buy ‘I’m A Superhero’ for their kids, TahChon said, “Then they’ll go inside and they’ll read it.”

TahChon has also released two songs and is a brand ambassador for two hair brands.

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