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Coronavirus Pandemic

COVID-19 Guide helps people with intellectual disabilities in Spain

Close up portrait of two disabled twin sisters laughing outdoors.

The coronavirus pandemic and all the news it has brought with it have changed the lives of people with intellectual disabilities.

All these changes cause unwanted effects on these people’s physical and emotional health, the state of humor, and living with others. Therefore, it is important to identify these changes, know how to combat them, and, if necessary, know when to seek advice from psychology professionals.

People do not have information that they can understand this subject and, therefore, do not have the same resources to take care of their health.

Plena Inclusion Región de Murcia and the Official College of Psychologists have come together to create a manual for adults but accessible to all readers, especially for older people and people with intellectual disabilities.

The guide ‘How we adapt to changes’ has been prepared according to the easy-to-read methodology that includes reviewing and validating all content by people with intellectual disabilities.

It is free and can be downloaded on

‘How we adapt to changes’ has been one of the initiatives selected by the Cajamurcia Foundation and Bankia in their call ‘Social Action 2020’ and supports these two entities and the Murcia City Council through the Department of the Elderly, Disability and Cooperation for Development.

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