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Learning a bigger challenge for children who are deafblind in Malawi

schoolboy hands reading a braille book in classroom

Accessing education for children who are deafblind is a big challenge in Malawi. Children who are deafblind are often left behind in accessing education due to a lack of adequate resources and information.

The local NGOs in Malawi, including Visual Hearing Impairment Membership Association (VIHEMA), are moving across Malawi to sensitize communities how they can protect and promote the rights welfare of people who are deafblind.

“There is a huge gap in promoting the rights of children with disabilities, especially those who are deafblind.” said Martha Mlomba, Programme Coordinator, VIHEMA.

Many children in Malawi are not going to school because many parents believe that children who are deafblind can not access the usual school routine due to discrimination, added Mlomba.

“Every child has a right to access public social service despite his or her physical disability. We believe that by sensitizing people in the communities on deafblindness and promoting the rights of child who are deafblind, parents will see the benefits of sending their physically challenged children to school,” she said.

“Lack of qualified teachers for children with disabilities as one of the key contributing factors leading to violation of the right to education for children with disabilities in Malawi.” said Mlomba.

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