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Organizations drop Halloween treats to kids with disabilities

Two organizations made Halloween happen for children with disabilities in Lincoln, Nebraska, dropping off treats.

“My oldest son has autism, and so he’s already nervous as it is going door to door,” said Jamie Spangler, mother of a son with autism.

Sassy Mama for Autism and The Arc of Lincoln dropped candy off to 150 families this afternoon, providing a safer option for families who are more susceptible to COVID-19 Pandemic, the klkntv reported.

“The kids who just aren’t able to participate in the way that they have been in the past and so it allows them to dress up if they want to,” said Cris Petersen, Sassy Mama for Autism.

“We door drop the candy and leave so that we’re ensuring social distancing wearing masks the entire time.”

“Thanks to all the volunteers and this Sunday is honey Sunday around the united states, and so I have some honey bears that are $5 and will deliver those honey bears to you,” says Michelle Johnson, The Arc of Lincoln.

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