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Mother of Qaeden Bayles calls for legislation to protect students with disabilities from bullying

Yarraka Bayles with her son
Photo: Yarraka Bayles/Facebook

The mother of Quaden Bayles, a nine-year-old Murri boy with dwarfism, has told the Disability Royal Commission that it took a viral video of her son threatening suicide to get authorities to act.

Yarraka Bayles from Queenlands described her son as a proud Murri boy and the strongest, smartest and funniest kid she’s ever known.

She told the Disability Royal Commission that she still gets abuse for the YouTube video she shared in February of Quaden, born with Achondroplasia – a type of dwarfism. “Still to this day, every day,” she told the royal commission.

“He was hysterical, crying and screaming about wanting to kill himself. I was so upset and frustrated, and I just pulled out my phone and took a video and posted it,” she said.

“I honestly feel like it took for a viral video for us to be able to get the support we need.

Ms Bayles says in the video: “I just picked up my son up from school, witnessed a bullying episode and I want parents, educators, teachers, is this is the effect bullying has.”

Ms Bayles told the commission she acted out of frustration after years of inaction on her son being called names like “midget,” being pushed on the ground, and left out.

Ms Bayles said she wants schools to be more inclusive and accessible for students with disabilities.

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