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Cinemas’ owner in Mexico is committed to inclusive functions for people with disabilities

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Cinépolis, the largest chain of cinemas in the Mexico by number of theaters, found a barrier in the exhibition of its films: the lack of access to persons with disabilities for which it has worked to create its Inclusive Functions project.

These are films that have been adapted so that during their exhibition the auditory persons with disabilities can see an interpretation of Mexican Sign Language on their mobile device; as long as people with vision disabilities can listen to an audio description.

“In Mexico it is not that people with disabilities do not like movies; they have encountered barriers, what we wanted to do was turn to see what we could offer and link it to our own business. With this practice we seek to offer a conditioned space. We had to partner with different agencies constantly and closely. We seek to adopt new technologies to give people with visual and hearing disabilities a way for them to enjoy themselves,” said Amerigo Incalcaterra Munzi, head of Social Responsibility for Cinépolis, within the framework of his participation in the 4th International Forum for Socially Responsible SMEs.

The Inclusive Functions are carried out through the use of an application that interested customers must have previously installed on an electronic device (phone or tablet). The instructions for installing it and downloading the adapted movie files can be found on the channel’s page, in the “GOALL Tutorial” section. The application can be used in all adapted film exhibitions.

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