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Woman with cerebral palsy pulled out of Alton Towers thrill ride

Hannah with sister Becky comforting her in the tearful
The sisters went to the park for Becky’s brithday. Photo: Cavendish Press

A woman with cerebral palsy has been left in tears after being publicly removed from a merry-go-round at Alton Towers in Staffordshire, England.

Becky Cheetham, 28, paid £40 to visit the theme park with her girlfriend Lucy and sister Hannah, 30, who has cerebral palsy on Monday to celebrate a birthday. In an open letter, she told how Hannah, described as being ‘the biggest adrenaline junkie’ couldn’t ride three of the park’s main attractions.

In a Facebook post addressed to the park, the sisters wrote they had an unforgettable day “for all the wrong reasons.”

Alton Towers said it was “deeply sorry” for the incident.

Ms. Cheetham, who is in a wheelchair, has visited the park every year and has previously gone on every ride she wanted.

When the sisters, from Greater Manchester, went to go on the Smiler ride, a park worker shouted “she can’t walk” to another co-worker, “embarrassing” them by shouting about it “across the ride for a crowd of people to hear.”

They arrived at another ride, Rita, where workers watched as Ms. Cheetham carried her sister to the ride.

Once strapped in, they were told they were not allowed on the ride due to health and safety.

Ms. Cheetham said she was in tears after the workers “embarrassed” her by “publicly” removing her sister from the ride, leaving her “angry and fed up due to the ignorance of your staff.”

The sisters went to a further ride, Duel, as it has disability access, but were later told by a staff member the disabled access was not there anymore.

At that point, Mrs. Cheetham said they left the park, having spent £40 each on tickets to go on two rides.

Mrs. Cheetham said the staff’s attitude was “disgraceful,” and not one person had spoken directly or apologised to her sister.

Alton Towers’ website says it “strives” to make sure attractions are “easily accessible to all our guests” and offers an online ride-by-ride guide.

In a post on Facebook , Becky told of the sisters’ frustration. And, they shared a petition for people to sign.

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