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Fashionista with disability inspiring trends for people with disabilities

Lauren Lolo Spencer
Photo: Dreamstime

Challenging the invisibility of people with disabilities and their needs from mainstream lifestyle conversations, Lauren “Lolo” Spencer is breaking the stereotypes by establishing herself as an influencer in the lifestyle space.

When she was 14-year-old, Spencer was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease, also known as ALS.

Her followers and media described her as ‘authentic,’ ‘fearless,’ ‘passionate’ and ‘appreciative,’ clearly replacing her condition as the primary reference point. She is a model, actress, style influencer, and public speaker.

“I had made the decision a long time ago not to let my disability overcome anything that I’ve ever wanted to do or pursue in my life,” Spencer was quoted as saying by In The Know.

“I figure if the good Lord put it on your life to have a disability, then that means he knows you can handle it, and you can thrive,” Spencer added.

Spencer has appeared in award-winning films, developed a major social media following, and even attended New York Fashion Week. Now, she’s focused on making sure people see her for what she’s done, not the disability she was diagnosed with.

“Are people gonna accept that I am a talent with a disability, and [that I] will be treated as just talent?” Spencer asked In The Know. “Because that is the goal — to see people with disabilities as people first.”

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