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Mexico City invests 864 million pesos in mobility projects for people with disabilities

Disabled parking signage with blue sky

With a total investment of 864 million pesos, the Secretary of Public Works of Mexico City, Jesús Esteva, announced that with the Universal Accessibility Program 2019-2020 the rights of equality, sustainability, mobility and safety are guaranteed, for the benefit of pedestrians, people with disabilities, vulnerable groups and pregnant women.

During a daily press videoconference, Claudia Sheinbaum, Head of Government of the capital, emphasized the importance of this program. “We have done a lot of work since last year and this year to make Mexico City an accessible city. We have changed a very important number of pedestrian traffic lights so that they are audible and a very important number of crossings with accessibility and some other fundamental works to make a city of rights accessible to all people with disabilities”, she assured.

The officials presented the progress of the program, where they revealed that during 2019 and 2020 the following works were carried out:

Accessibility in 18 stations

Maintenance of 17 elevators.

5,330 Universal Design Crosses.

228 Safe Crossings.

39 Trails Walk Free, Walk Safely.

1550 audible pedestrian traffic lights.

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