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Barbershop creates inclusive environment for people with autism

little boy getting hair cut at the barbershop wearing protective mask

A Meriden barbershop is creating a more inclusive and friendly environment for people with autism. 

The sounds you hear inside are catered toward making clients who may have autism with under or oversensitive sensory triggers feel comfortable, the NBC Connecticut reported.

“I saw a problem in the hair industry, and I wanted to fix the issue,” said Eddie Rivera, owner of New Style Hair Studio. “I wanted to bring something new to the barbershop experience, and I think it’s important we bring awareness to autism.”

Rivera says he had a lot of clients who, before the shop opened, struggled to find a barber and was excited that the shop opened. “I think it’s important to make sure both the children and their parents feel comfortable,” said Rivera.

Comfort is a priority for the barbers. Eddie is autism certified and has a goal of getting all the barbers certified.

“We want everyone to get a haircut, and we want everyone to leave here happy so if it takes a little bit more training, then so be it,” said Steven Chaparro, a barber technician at the shop.

The shop has toys for children with autism to use to feel more comfortable when entering the shop. Barbers talk with the children to allow them to be more at peace.

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