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Russia introduces a bill to increase the allowance for persons with disabilities

Woman holding smiley child with down syndrome

The State Duma has submitted a bill on monthly payments to persons caring for children with disabilities. The document proposes to increase the monthly allowance for children with disabilities to 10 thousand rubles.

As a reminder, the amount of the allowance for caring for disabled people of Group I (except for disabled people of Group I from childhood) is currently 1200 rubles. This amount of payment was established in 2008 and has not been indexed since then.

Caring for a person with disability of Group I is challenging by family members who have left their job. The amount of compensation payment for care, which has not increased since 2008, is unacceptably low.

The bill’s authors indicate that the monthly payments to persons caring for children with disabilities and persons with disabilities from childhood I group are currently 10 thousand rubles.

Also, parents caring for Group I invalids and Group I children with disabilities since childhood, upon reaching retirement age, are deprived of their monthly care allowance. However, they continue to look after their children. Their pension is often minimal, and the care allowance’s deprivation significantly worsens their already low standard of living.

The bill proposes to provide non-working citizens caring for a disabled child (Group I), the right to receive a monthly payment of 10 000 rubles, – according to the bill.

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