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Braille stickers to support Australian with vision disabilities

Finger reading braille tactile on public park message board

Mildura Rural City Council is making braille stickers available to help people who are blind or have low vision more easily identify each of their bins as part of the new three-bin service.

Council is supplying braille stickers for each bin – landfill, recycling and organics – which will be available free-of-charge on request.

Councillor for Environment and Farming Sustainability Anthony Cirillo encouraged residents to take advantage of the new stickers.

“Our braille stickers recognise there are many residents in our community who may be blind or have low vision,” Cr Cirillo said.

“By providing this service we’re ensuring the transition to the new three-bin system is as easy as possible for everyone, helping people identify each bin and correctly sort their waste at home.”

Vision Australia Manager of Government Relations and Advocacy Chris Edwards said Mildura Rural City Council should be applauded for providing the braille stickers.

“This is an example of how councils and similar organisations can consider the needs of people who are blind or have low vision, or who live with any other disability, and take practical steps to support them,” Mr Edwards said.

“People who are blind or have low vision want to lead independent lives and the braille stickers introduced by Mildura Rural City Council are a simple, but effective, way to support them to be able to carry out something that is part of day to day life.”

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