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Descúbreme foundation calls not to forget people with disabilities

Person holding hands on walker

The executive director of Fundación Descúbreme, Carola Rubia, called on the Government and parliamentarians not to forget the thousands of families in the country “made up of one or more people with disabilities”, in the context of the processing of the project that expands and extends the Emergency Family Income (IFE).

As indicated by the Foundation, if the project is approved in the terms in which it is drawn up, “it may end up affecting thousands of families in which one or more of its members receive a solidarity basic pension or a monthly solidarity invalidity pension contribution.” This considering that according to official data from the Casen 2017 survey, this group has higher multidimensional poverty rates and only 30.3% carry out any paid activity, which leaves them in a position of vulnerability that is not always visible.

Rubia indicated that “today our priority is in the discussion of the 2.0 Family Income Emergency, so that the Executive and the parliamentarians consider during the processing of this initiative that there are households that have one or more beneficiaries with the Solidarity Social Security Contribution of Disability or the Basic Solidarity Disability Pension, which could be affected by the project. Furthermore, we believe that this benefit should be made through automatic payment to ensure receipt by beneficiaries. ”

In parallel, Descrúbreme a foundation that promotes the inclusion of people with cognitive disabilities, will present to different social actors a series of proposals linked to the government’s “Emergency Plan for the Protection of Family Income, and Economic and Employment Reactivation” .

“We believe that people with disabilities should be considered in this emergency plan. Households with a person with a disability experience a doubly difficult situation that must be considered now during the crisis and later when the reactivation comes. We cannot lose everything that this sector has advanced with the implementation of the labor inclusion law, “said Carola Rubia.

The measures proposed by the foundation, in the context of what they have called #Reactivaciónsinbarreras, consider aspects such as expanding the subsidy for hiring youth and women, including people with disabilities; the modification of the requirements for the execution of job training; that the basic conditions of this group be considered, allowing them to work remotely and speed up the Drafts of the Law that seek to modify the barriers to enter the public sector by people with disabilities, among other measures.

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