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Greater safety for women and people with disabilities in public transport

Wheelchair sign in the designated wheelchair space on a train

The State Congress of San Luis Potosí, Mexico, approved the initiative to reform the Public Transport Law which establishes that public transport systems, in coordination with the corresponding authorities, will develop public safety and civil protection programs; as well as awareness rising with gender perspective for respect and dignified treatment of people with disabilities.

The initiative was promoted by Congresswoman Sonia Mendoza Díaz, whom stressed that with this legislative proposal, it is established that women in general and especially those with disabilities have the same opportunities as any state citizen, since it is not only about social justice, but also about assuming gender equality from a disability perspective.

In addition, the Ms. Sonia Mendoza, said that gender equality means that men and women enjoy the same conditions and opportunities to exercise their rights and achieve their social, economic, political and cultural potential; and in this case, to strengthen the disability perspective, to give way to generate conditions of substantive equality, “since it is necessary to show that women are users of public transport systems and that, in addition, infrastructure must be fair and equitable for women with disabilities.”

“Hence, understanding the cross-cutting integration of the gender dimension in this Law within cross-sector projects will contribute to strengthening both perspectives within transport programs, to which all women must have equal access,” she said.

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