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Three Teenagers Arrested for the Alleged Rape of a Deaf Girl in Malaysia

teenage in handcuffs

Police arrested three teenage boys after an 18 year girl who are deaf claimed they raped her in a hut near her house in Semporna.

It is known that the father of the girl was looking for her after realising she was missing from home at 2 am. The man found his daughter sitting on the ground around 20 meters away from heir home.

The girl, using sign language told her father about the assault earlier this month which romped the man to check the hut where he found four boys. According to the police report, the girl pointed three of them to her father.

Chief of local police, Sabarudin Rahmat confirmed that thee teenagers are in police custody for even days to facilitate the investigation. He adde that the gorl has been sent for a medical examination.

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