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Extinction Rebellion protesters in Melbourne accused of brushing off disability concerns

Climate change protesters in Melbourne say they will take on board concerns raised by a man with a disability whose morning commute to work was affected by their disruptive demonstration.

Police used power tools to separate protesters from the Extinction Rebellion movement in both Brisbane and Melbourne, as the activists used similar techniques to chain themselves together at busy intersections.

Police responded to a number of protests across Melbourne’s CBD and 41 people were arrested.

Matt, who did not want his surname published, said he had a mobility disability and had approached the protesters to ask how they suggested he get past them to catch his bus to work.

Matt told the ABC he was met with abuse and was told he did not matter, a claim which protesters said was untrue.

“I tried to say: ‘Hey look, I care about climate change, I really do, but I also care about my job and trying to get to work especially when I’ve had a lot of disruption this year due to illness,'” he said.

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