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New Entrepreneurship Program for People with Disabilities

man in wheelchair using laptop during seminar

Are you, or someone you know a person with a disability age 18-64, who lives in the tri-state area, is an innovative self-starter, has a great idea for a business/start-up, or simply has a deep desire to run their own business?

If so, we have a new and exciting program that provides extraordinary tools and resources for people with disabilities to achieve self-employment success!

NCDE is a unique opportunity that offers:

  • A world-class program, trainers, and mentors
  • A deep and unique understanding of people with disabilities
  • Professional assistance to navigate benefits
  • The ability to match the untapped potential of innovative self-starters with The Viscardi Center’s extensive work-related services, expertise, and connections to launch the next generation of entrepreneurs with disabilities

The deadline for nomination submissions is September 16, 2019. To submit a nomination or learn more about the selection process, go to

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