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Positive supports make huge difference for disabled children

Cheerful children with disabilities in rehabilitation center

Raising children is a tough job.  Raising children with disabilities is even more challenging.  Raising disabled children is extremely difficult in India where disabilities are considered taboo.

Western countries have more acceptante for people with disabilities, offering services and supports like inclusive education, therapies, assistive devices, and funding.

India must create strategies to support children with disabilities and their parents.

Medical counsellors should be in hospitals to help parents deal with the realities of having a child with a disability.  Experts can provide life-altering assistance to parents, teaching them how to develop positive attitudes and perspectives about the challenges that they, and their children, will experience now, and in the future.

Counsellors should also be established in schools to aid children with special needs.  Teaching positivity and strength to disabled children helps in building self-esteem — a trait needed when encountering prejudiced people.

Demonstrating and promoting inclusion of all people with disabilities will help squash the ‘frowned upon’ attitudes found amongst the people of India.

Of utmost importance, these initiatives must be free of cost.  If a fee is imposed for such assistance, parents will not seek out these programs as many are already struggling to afford their disabled children’s medical treatments.

Children and adults with disabilities are inspirational; society should “see them with respect, love and empathy,” in the same way they look at athletes like Sachin Tendulkar, former international cricketer and captain of the Indian national team.  Every person deserves respect, regardless of ability.

Ultimately, disabilities are the malfunctioning of one’s body; some are visible and some are invisible.  Conditions like Diabetes, Blood Pressure or Thyroid are also caused by a malfunctioning body.  If these are easily accepted in society, why can’t visible disabilities?

Let’s be inclusive!

About the Author

Khyati Mehta
Khyati Mehta

I am an athlete with disability who is aiming to do impossible stretches and wishes to walk at 8 mins per kilometer pace to become the fastest walking marathon contestant. I am a traveler by passion and that also is my profession as I am travel and visa consultant by profession having my own company by the name of Dream Holiday.