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Maru’s Dream

Young disabled woman sitting with arms in the air in wheelchair at beach

Maru, apart from longing to become a mother, had a dream. She used to say frequently: “Mom, I want there to be a law, which protects the rights of people with disabilities”. This dream emerged when, in university, she found out that there was an association that, to this day, promotes removing the barriers that prevent people with different conditions, to live in fully accessible environment to grant their freedom.

With the grate passion that characterises her, she began to take part in this association´s activities to fulfil her dream. After times of great struggle, sleepless nights and various negotiations worldwide, she accomplished her goal and then took her leave from this world, leaving behind her sweet daughter.

I must confess, that I never could have imagined, that, in the community of people with disabilities, she could socialise, find joy, and even suffer things, that we all experience as human beings, regardless of any physical aspect that might make us seem different from others.

I confess as well that, in the beginning, it was a daunting task, for me as a new mother, for I did not know how to care for a newborn child, and even less one with a disability. Nevertheless, I put out all my love, talents and capabilities, so that things would turn out as best as they possibly could.

As it happens, I began learning, little by little, how to overcome the challenges life had in store. On the other hand, Maru was a student, and she found a way to overcome her own problems and make friends with people who cared for, respected and admired her. She finished her master’s degree in finances and worked for several companies, always filed with joy and loving life.

Then, her relationship with Andrés turned to a life commitment, and they became travel companions in a conquering adventure, which led to the Convention of Human Rights of Persons with Disabilities being signed, and to them having their own child, Ana Sofía.

Maru did not miss out on anything while she lived on this planet. She lived a full, somewhat hedonistic life, and was generous and clear-minded when it came to her wishes. Leaving behind great life lessons for us to learn, and a legacy in favour of the community of people with disabilities, which she loved so much.

It has been my greatest privilege to be mother of such an exemplary woman, of unbelievable worth, intellect, tenacity, and strength; capable of beating any and all odds.

About the Author

Maria Eugenia Farrugia
Maria Eugenia Farrugia

Maria is a business consultant from Mexico City and Maru’s mother.