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FEMA reaches out to persons with disabilities affected by Hurricanes Laura and Delta

Hurricane Coming Evacuate Now warning information sign on trailer with LED face on suburban street lined with trees

FEMA is supporting Louisiana residents who were affected by Hurricanes Laura and Delta. That includes anyone requiring specialized assistance.

FEMA’s guidance is intended to ensure persons with disabilities needs receive lawful and equal assistance before, during, and after a disaster or public health emergency.

Simply put, people with access and functional needs include individuals who need assistance due to any condition (temporary or permanent) that limits their ability to act. To have access and functional needs does not require that the individual have any kind of diagnosis or specific evaluation.

Individuals with access and functional needs may include, but are not limited to, individuals with disabilities, seniors, and populations with limited English proficiency, limited access to transportation, and/or limited access to financial resources to prepare for, respond to, and recover from the emergency.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 32.3% of adults in Louisiana have some type of disability. Across the state and throughout the country, FEMA provides accommodations at each step in the recovery process.

Newspapers, radio, television, social media, flyers, local officials, and private sector partners help to spread important recovery information in multiple languages.

For the latest information on Hurricane Laura and Delta, visit,

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