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Saudi Arabian Airlines to introduce flight guide in Braille

Saudi Arabian Airlines Boeing 777 airplane
Photo: Dreamstime

Saudi Arabian Airlines (Saudia) reaffirming its commitment to providing services and products on board for passengers with vision disabilities.

The airline will provide inflight meals and entertainment guide in Braille for guests who are blind or have low vision. Also, inflight movies include an audio description for passengers with vision disabilities.

Guests can select a Braille inflight meals when booking through the airline’s website or by calling the Airlines.

The airline provides services such as elevators, special meals and menus, safety procedures, and magazines printed in Braille.

“SAUDIA is committed to being an inclusive airline, providing amenities, services, and support for all guests. We take pride in making our very best efforts to provide a comfortable, welcoming, and hospitable experience from each point of the journey,” Captain Ibrahim S. Koshy, Chief Executive Officer of SAUDIA.

“We invite all of our guests to explore the various options and flexible choices available to customize the travel experience and tailor requests to suit our guests’ requirements.” he added.

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