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New study shares treatment success in younger children with autism

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Kids Neuro Clinic and Rehab Center in Dubai announces groundbreaking findings of a new research study on the treatment of Autism  in younger children.

The results, published in the international, peer-reviewed journal, Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment, share breakthrough findings in autism research. For the first time in medical literature, researchers describe a complete resolution of autism core signs and symptoms using a combination of FDA approved pharmacological medications and standard supportive therapies.

Due to limitations of published data on costs of autism patient management locally, a review of published data in the United States of America, where ASD affects one in 59 children, showed societal costs of managing autism in 2015 were a staggering $268 billion. This figure, which had increased more than six-fold since 2006, is further estimated to rise to $461 billion by 2025 following existing treatment approaches. This data highlights the critical need for progressing knowledge to support autism treatment and management.

Currently, ASD is considered to be a non-curable disorder. As stated in the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS, USA) fact sheet for autism, “There is no cure for autism. Therapies and behavioral interventions are designed to remedy specific symptoms and can improve those symptoms.”

However, recent findings published by Dr. Hamza Alsayouf at the Kids Neuro Clinic and Rehab Center in Dubai, provide promising hope. This pivotal study shares data which reveals pharmacological intervention resulted in an absolute and complete resolution of ASD core signs and symptoms in younger children aged four and older.

In this study, 18 children diagnosed with autism were successfully treated following treatment protocols developed by the Dubai Healthcare City based center, using risperidone and aripiprazole. Both drugs, which are US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved, are used for the treatment of challenging behaviors such as irritability, aggression, and self-injury that coexist with ASD in children aged five and above. The findings reported in this study include ten patients (56%) showing unprecedented complete resolution of their core ASD signs and symptoms, while the remaining eight patients (44%) exhibiting significant improvements in their symptoms ranging from 60 to 80%. Furthermore, these improvements were reported stable with no regression observed during the follow-up period.

These breakthrough findings are the result of Dr Hamza Alsayouf, Director of Kids Neuro Clinic and Rehab Center dedicated and long-term commitment to advance knowledge on the use of pharmacological intervention in ASD. “We are extremely pleased our research is being published at an international platform. This is an area of much-needed focus. This study shows for the first time that, against the prevailing opinion, autism signs and symptoms can indeed be completely resolved,” said Dr. Alsayouf.

He further added, “While we have many video testimonials for children with autism who have been treated successfully at our center over the years, our aim was to ensure our impressive results are published in reputable scientific literature to substantiate our experience in the treatment of autism.”

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