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Accessible tourism map for people with disabilities launched in Belgorod

man in a wheelchair watching the sea in summer

The project “Roads of Kindness” of the center for inclusive tourism “Without Borders” has prepared a Belgorod region map for people with disabilities.

“People with mobility disabilities does not know what difficulties he may face at tourist sites and how to overcome them. For this, a map of accessible tourism and a guide to the Belgorod region, Russia for people with disabilities have been created.” said Marina Anisimova, Director of the Center, Without Borders.

“The map and guide to the Belgorod region contain clear and understandable information: the address and telephone number of the tourist facility, how much is the entrance ticket, where you can dine. And most importantly, what difficulties a person with a disability can face at the facility and how to overcome them.”

“The most important task for me is to convey to the world that everyone can travel! If there is a desire to know the world, then there are no restrictions. And thanks to the guidebook, special tourists can themselves form an accessible and comfortable route for them.” said Marina Anisimova.

A map of accessible tourism and a guide to the Belgorod region in Russia for people with disabilities can be downloaded from the center’s website for inclusive tourism “Without borders.”

The project “Roads of Kindness” was implemented by the Center for Inclusive Tourism “Without Borders” with the Presidential Grants Fund’s support.

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