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Consortium launches podcast Opening Doors to address accessibility

Speaking with fans during podcast

In partnership with Jack Straw Cultural Center, Seattle Cultural Accessibility Consortium launches a new podcast titled Opening Doors to address accessibility issues in arts and civic life.

SCAC founder Elizabeth Ralston hosts it and, for this first season, she will focus on the experiences Black Indigenous and People of Color have had in this region’s arts and civic community. Through the course of these thought provoking 30- to 40-minute conversations, Elizabeth and her guests shed light on how race and disability impact an individual’s access to arts and culture.

Season two is currently in development.

The four episodes from season one feature:

  • Kameko Thomas: The Invisible DisabilityWriter, disabled black female veteran and founder of Vonem Creative Media LLC
  • Troy Coalman: How THEY see US / How WE see ourselves Gay, legally blind, bi-racial community advocate, motivational speaker and Director of Donor Impact at Wellspring Family Services
  • King Khazm: Where Art, Racism & Disability Intersect Japanese American artist, producer, educator and community organizer who, due to a spinal cord injury, operates from his wheelchair.
  • ChrisTiana Obeysumner: IntersectionalityBlack and Indigenous, queer, non-binary, and multiply- disabled CEO of Epiphanies of Equity, a social equity and disability justice consulting firm.


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