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Brighton’s first Changing Places facility for people with disabilities

changing places toilet facilities

A Changing Places facility in Brighton, adjacent to the 21 Well Street carpark, to ensure people who can’t use a standard accessible toilet have the facilities they need to enjoy the Church Street shopping precinct’s shops, cinema and connection to the train station.

If a person with a disability cannot stand up or independently move from a wheelchair to a toilet pan, standard accessible toilets are not an option. For these people, this means limiting the time they can spend away from home; having to cut short shopping trips, leaving sports or concerts early; restricting work hours; or needing to be placed on a public toilet floor to receive care.

Changing Places facilities are larger than standard accessible toilets and have extra features and more space to meet the needs of people with complex disabilities and their carers. These built-for-purpose facilities include an adult-sized change table, tracking ceiling hoist, privacy screen, peninsular-shaped toilet, and a larger access door. They are typically located adjacent to standard public toilets and have 24-hour access with a Master Locksmiths Access Key (MLAK), which people with a disability or their carers can apply for. Carers may apply for a key at

Work recently began on remodelling the existing Well Street toilets to create a Changing Places facility, and also upgrading the standard public toilet facilities. Work is expected to be completed by October 2020. This project follows community consultation on public facilities in September 2018 and forms part of Council’s Public Toilet Strategy.

Council is also progressing plans for a Changing Places public toilet in Thomas Street Reserve, Hampton, to service the forthcoming inclusive playground, and we are continuing to investigate opportunities to install a facility along the coast.

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