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Grant to Promote Active Life for Australian with Disabilities

Little boy with CP hitting ball with bat at park.

Disability Services Minister Stephen Dawson has announced a $130,000 Lotterywest grant to Rebound WA to encourage people living with disability to participate in sport and recreational activities.

Part of the funding will go towards a van and trailer to support Rebound WA’s ‘Wheel Life’ program, which will provide more than 4,000 participants with a practical understanding of living with a physical disability.

‘Wheel Life’ is delivered primarily to children through schools, youth groups and school holiday programs.

The new custom-built van will have modified hand controls, while the trailer will be designed to allow athletes using a wheelchair to load and upload equipment without relying on other staff to assist.

The modified van will enable Rebound WA to employ athletes with disability to run the programs without needing another staff member to attend to assist with unloading and reloading.

The remaining funds will go towards supporting Rebound WA’s Mirrabooka and Melville-based programs with 22 highly adjustable sporting wheelchairs co-funded through the Federal Government’s Stronger Communities Programme.

“This Lotterywest funding will help strengthen the capacity of Rebound WA to provide volunteers and employees with disability with appropriate transport for their activities.

“Rebound WA promotes the health, welfare and interest of people with disability in WA, with an emphasis on rehabilitation, social interaction and sport.

“Not-for-profit community groups such as Rebound WA play a valuable role in making WA a better and more inclusive place for everyone.” said Disability Services Minister Stephen Dawson.


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