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Free Moustaches for Men with Cleft Palate

Kuala Lumpur hair transplantation clinic Glojas Smart International Aesthetic hopes to change the lives of four men with cleft palate by giving them a free moustache transplant. People born with cleft lip and palate often feel self-conscious because of the scar-like split on their lips.

Glojas chief executive officer Dr Jasvinder Singh said the procedure would be carried out using a technique called Smart FUE (follicle unit excision)  The technique involves plucking hair strand  by strand instead of harvesting a strip off the head or beard, which tend to leave marks, prior to implanting them into the split.  Four to six months after implant, hair follicles will take root and hair will grow normally, said the specialist. Options for such aesthetic procedures at government hospitals are limited.

The procedure is safe for those with diabetes and high blood pressure, provided they are on regular medication.

It is not uncommon for young children refusing to go to school for fear of being teased by classmates due to cleft lip or palate condition.

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