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Moscow will host the exhibition “Theatre of a single artist”

young artist with disability painting incredible scenes in attic by holding paintbrush in her toes

From September 15 to 29 the State Museum – Cultural Centre “Integration”  will host the exhibition “Theatre of a single artist”, which will present the best works of the inclusive creative competition “I am an artist – I see this,” the organisers of the exhibition said. The exhibition “My History” will also be presented at the exhibition – these are 10 stories of children participating in the contest, told by their mothers and illustrated with portraits.

As  reported earlier,  the inclusive creative competition for children and adolescents with disabilities, “I am an artist – I see this” included works of children and adolescents created by them independently or together with   art historians, artists and museum educators. The competition was attended by children with disabilities, as well as their brothers and sisters aged 6 to 20 years.

The task of the participants is to create their own creative interpretation of a famous works of art on a given topic. This year the theme of the competition is theatre. The works of Henri Pierre Auguste Renoir, Paul Cezanne, Edgar Degas, Pablo Picasso and other famous artists became the inspiration for more than 160 children’s works received by the jury. As part of the competition, 22 workshops were held in museums with artists, art therapists and teachers, in which more than 120 children took part.

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